The InVision Marketplace is Flush with Gifts for Designers

If there’s one thing designers love, it’s designing t-shirts about design being awesome. This holiday season, the team at InVision (a really great prototyping tool for UI/UX design) is giving the people what they want with plenty of gifts for designers from some of the best talent on the block. Featuring pieces by Ryan Putnam, Alice Lee, Jon Contino, Gerren Lamson and more, The InVision Marketplace just launched and it’s a no-brainer shopping stop for that designer in your life – especially if that designer is you.

Each of the designs are available as a t-shirt ($25), a poster ($25), or a bundle of both ($50). If you’ve already blown your milk money, there’s also an option to enter to win these goods. They’ll be picking a new winner every week, so you may as well take your chances. After all, design makes everything possible…right?


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Brooks Chambers is an excitable design advocate and writer at CreativeLive. He loves people and the stuff they make.