Get Ready For Game-Changing Business Success: The 5-Day Get Focused Challenge

There are five key things that are key to launching and running a successful business: vision, focus, clarity of goals, confidence, and a plan of attack. Without them, your business will teeter off balance. But with them all in place, you’ll be poised for long and short term success.


Peter Voogd is joining us next week for his course Six Months to Six Figures (watch for free on July 21!), which will teach you Peter’s specific formula he used to create his own six-figure business. But we also asked him to collaborate with us on a mini challenge to prep for the class so you can walk in with focus, clarity, and a morning routine that will help you define your day with purpose.

Introducing, the 5-Day Get Focused Challenge! This week, we’ll be giving you a new prompt and exercise every day that will help you get clear on your priorities and vision, and create a powerful mindset so you can build momentum before the Six Months to Six Figures class kicks off next week.

And as a companion to the challenge, we’ve created a workbook to help you get your ideas and thoughts down on paper. So click the button below to download the workbook, print it out, then watch the first video to get started.

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