5 Tips for Friday: Photoshop Tricks, Photography Business Advice

newborn photography tricks

In addition to offering oodles of programming on our website, CreativeLive also pulls some of the best stuff from our courses and offers it in bite-sized clips over on our YouTube channel. This week, you can learn a cool trick in Photoshop, create a DIY wedding bouquet, and hear advice from two top photographers.

Here’s what’s on tap for your weekend viewing:


How do you sell your unique style of wedding photography? Jim Garner explains his five tricks for selling his experiential wedding photography:

Worried about failure? Stop. “Failure is always an option,” says food photographer Andrew Scrivani. “There are no mistakes, just learning opportunities.”

Julia Kelleher’s got a new newborn photography course coming up. To prepare you, listen to her give great advice about how to tell an emotional story through these especially intimate portraits — and how to make money doing it.


Kiana Underwood offers one interesting tip for designing wedding bouquets.


Ash Avildsen of Sumerian Records told Bandhappy founder Matt Halpern what it takes to get noticed as a musician.


Ben Willmore demystifies Photoshop’s illusive tracing tool with this fool-proof trick.


“Everybody’s out there with their messages,” says Blurb’s Dan Milnor, who can help you get your self-published book noticed. Hint: It’s not what you think.

Dieting to lose weight? You’ll never succeed until you form healthier habits. The wonderful Darya Rose has some words about your standard diet — and about how real food just tastes better.

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