Podcast Episode 4: Dennis Mollan of Pro Tone Pedals


You may never have heard of Pro Tone pedals, but they’re making noise in both the rock and metal worlds. Behind every great guitar is a set of pedals and more and more artists like Misha Mansoor, Keith Merrow, and Jeff Loomis are adding them to their boards. Unlike most companies who are looking to recreate sounds from the 60s, 70s and 80s, Pro Tone is looking into the future, embracing  Axe FX, Kemper Profiling Amp, and even mobile apps to create a new, unique sound. For our fourth podcast, we spoke with  Pro Tone founder Dennis Mollan about the company’s history, how they created their flagship products, and more.  If you are into gear, you won’t be disappointed as Dennis goes deep  into the “ubiquitous mediocre gear of yesteryear” like the Crate Blue Voodoo, Metal Zone, Rockman, and the oddity known as the DOD Grunge Pedal.

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Looking for an expert musicians opinion? Check out this clip on Pro Tone pedals with Misha of Periphery

Misha Mansoor of Periphery on his signature Pro Tone Pedal

“When I tried the ProTone Deadhorse for the first time, I was genuinely blown away.  It seemed to me to be the first TS style overdrive where the primary intention was for it to be used as a modern style boost in front of a high gain amp.  Even though it excels as a regular tube screamer, as a boost it just seemed to go much further than anything else I had tried.  Given the opportunity to tweak the design, I thought that the option for an even tighter setting with an even more pronounced “mid hump” would be the perfect addition to round this pedal out for my uses.  This is my favorite overdrive.”- Misha Mansoor


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