How Photoshop Shapes Sue Bryce and Brooke Shaden’s Creative Processes


Glamour queen Sue Bryce and fine art photographer Brooke Shaden are two artists with distinct styles and techniques. While Sue focuses her energy on bringing out the natural beauty of her subjects, Brooke works tirelessly to bring surreal, dream-like visions to life. One vital step in the artistic process for both talented photographers is the use of Photoshop to edit and enhance final images.

“I don’t show my clients images without using Photoshop first,” says Sue. Although Sue has been known to try and get everything right on-camera, She acknowledges that Photoshop adds an extra level to what she can accomplish from behind the lens. Photoshop is at least a 20% component of each finished shot she submits to a client. Brooke, on the other hand,  relies even more on Photoshop to bring her artistic visions to life. “My goal in photography is to create worlds that I can’t live in, that I wish I could live in, and that’s what Photoshop does; I can transport myself to a different world,” says Brooke. Drawing inspiration from reality and the sights and sounds around her, Brooke takes photos and pieces them together in Photoshop to create these worlds.

Watch the full interviews with Sue and Brooke below:

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