Stop Downplaying Your Hard Work

When you read an interview with someone who’s successfully living off their creative endeavors, they often highlight how hard they worked to get where they are. They talk about their sacrifices and the back-breaking labor to create something. And while those are inspiring tales, so…

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Why Are Small Business Owners So Happy?

Despite the long hours, the financial stresses, and the general difficulty of running your own company, small business owners consistently report higher ratings of happiness, job satisfaction, and economic optimism than many other workers. So what’s their secret? In part, the positive feelings are economic;…

featured, creativity

The 80% Rule: When To Show Your Work

The two biggest mistakes artists make are on the opposite ends of the spectrum: Showing your work too early or never showing it at all. The problem with the former is if we let others give their opinions before we’ve done enough self-revision then it’s…

featured, freelancing

Will 2015 Be The Year Of The Freelancer?

Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics still doesn’t really count freelancers in their monthly statistics, plenty of other brands and companies spent a lot of time and effort in 2014 trying to figure out exactly how deep the self-employed, sole-prop, part-timing world of freelancers runs….

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