10 Gifts That Inspire Creativity

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Stressing about what to get your friends and family this holiday season? Well good news: you’ve got a few keys to unlock the the key to gift-giving success. Instead of filling stockings with candy (or, you know, lumps of coal), why not give your loved ones presents that will inspire them to be creative? Whether you’re buying for your co-worker, partner, or sibling, gifts that invoke passion and creativity are always an A+ in our book. Check out CreativeLive’s top 10 presents that inspire creativity, and feel free to buy doubles of everything for yourself.

Magnetic Blackboard Wallpaper: € 49,50

Check out this insanely cool blackboard wallpaper from Groovy Magnets –– not only is it begging to be doodled on with chalk, it’s magnetic! One roll can easily cover a small area of wall in the kitchen or workplace, and needless to say the creative possibilities are endless.

Floral Recipe Box: $145

Consider this the perfect splurge for the inspired foodie in your life! This lovely heirloom-quality recipe box from Rifle Paper Co. will put any cook in the mood to get creative in the kitchen, and it’s sure to be passed on from generation to generation.

Carve-A-Stamp Set: $28

Stamps are a super fun and hands-on tool for creative expression, and this set from Imagine Childhood makes a fantastic gift for kids and adults alike. The creative potential is at an all time high –– from DIY book plates to custom doodles.

How To Make Books: $17.12

How To Make Books is a must-have for anyone creatively inclined. Homemade books are wonderful for showcasing anything from recipes, to art, to photos –– which makes this gift perfect for creatives from all walks of life.

Photo Hanger Kit: $13.99

ModCloth’s simple photo-hanging system is a great gift for someone who needs a little inspiration in their workplace. Fill the clothespins with a few favorite snapshots and some (non cheesy!) inspirational quotes, and then let your friend do the rest.

The World Is Your Oyster Print: $50

We challenge anyone not to feel more inspired with this cheerful print from Leif hanging on the wall of their office. Simple, to the point, and chic –– it’s a triple win!

“Ambition” Notebooks: $9.95

Field Notes has a new set of stylish journals for you to jot down your brilliant ideas in! The “Ambition” series consists of a ledger, weekly planner and memo book with sleek gold embossing and vintage appeal. It’s impossible not to brainstorm with these in hand.

The Color-Play Coloring Book: $16.99

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. We love this collaboration between MoMA and French illustrator Pascale Estellon, which features bold drawings ready and waiting to be uniquely colored.

Raw Citrine Necklace: $46

Citrine is believed to promote creativity, mental clarity and confidence, which gives you the perfect excuse to buy this gorgeous necklace from Etsy’s Shop Clementine. And if all else fails, you’re giving someone a nice piece of jewelry.

DIY Screen Printing Kit: $129

If you’re in the mood for a major splurge, check out this DIY screen printing kit from DIY Print Shop. Your friend can easily make their own merchandise, print their favorite quote on an old t-shirt, or even promote their artwork on canvas bags. The creative possibilities abound!

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