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Lindsay Adler’s Fun & Creative Photo Gift Ideas

This article is part of creativeLIVE’s 12 Days of Giving series. To catch a free rebroadcast of Lindsay Adler’s course, click here. The holidays are all about friends and family. We all know that spending time together is what’s really important, but gifts, cards and simple actions help…


10 Gifts That Inspire Creativity

Stressing about what to get your friends and family this holiday season? Well good news: you’ve got a few keys to unlock the the key to gift-giving success. Instead of filling stockings with candy (or, you know, lumps of coal), why not give your loved…

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10 Gifts That Craft-Lovers Will Adore

It goes without saying that CreativeLive is home to tons of super talented crafting enthusiasts. We love watching community members put their creativity to good use –– especially when their creations are turned into profitable business ventures! If you have a craft-lover in your life,…

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