7 Photo Trends To Retire This Year

tilt shift photo trends to retire

Remember planking? This viral photo trend was all over the place in 2011, but quickly reached its peak and burnt out in 2012, fading into social media legend in the process. Now, if you see someone planking, rather than finding it hilarious, you probably roll your eyes and think “Nope.” That’s because things move quickly online, and trends in photography often go with them.

The internet has gifted us with several amazing trends since the days of planking (RIP, old friend), and who knows what 2015 will bring? But one thing’s for sure: there’s no way the following trends from 2014 will make it out alive. It’s time to axe these once-popular, now-stale photo trends.

1. “I Woke Up Like This” Selfies

Thanks to Beyonce, selfies hashtagged #IWokeUpLikeThis took over Instagram and Twitter in 2014. While Beyonce’s mantra certainly gave rise to one of our favorite viral trends of the year, we doubt it will last through the latter half of 2015. Mostly because Bey will probably bless us with some brand new hashtag-worthy song lyrics. Plus, we all know you probably didn’t wake up like that.

photo trends to retire
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2. The 1977, Kelvin, and Toaster Filters

Instagram has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to the completely unacceptable Kelvin, 1977, and Toaster filters. Fortunately, with updates to the iOS version, the photo-sharing app has made it easier to hide and/or rearrange the particularly horrifying filters, so here’s to hoping we never have to witness someone misusing Toaster again. The horror.

3. Baby Suiting

For reasons that we’ve yet to fully understand, the internet collectively decided that there’s nothing more hilarious than dressing an infant up in a business suit. Yep, 2014 was the era of Baby Suiting, an adorable-yet-fleeting trend that probably won’t be around this time next year. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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4. Gym Mirror Snaps

There’s nothing more wonderful than scrolling through Instagram and seeing randoms showing off their Lululemon leggings at the gym. These fitspirational photos were incredibly popular in 2014, but we’re thinking 2015 will be the year of athletic selfies in the great outdoors –– as opposed to in a sterile weight lifting room.

5. Photoshopped Instagrams

We’re onto you, Kim Kardashian. While Instagram is supposed to be an in-the-moment documentation of everyday life, celebrities seem to have figured out how to photoshop themselves while simultaneously enjoying the perks of Valencia. However, it’s pretty easy to spot a photoshopped Instagram, and as users become more and more savvy (and start calling that stuff out; there’s even an entire Instagram feed devoted to just that), it’s best to stick with flattering filters.

photo trends to retire
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6. Heart Hands

Ahhhh, heart hands. A sweet and sentimental trend in which two people connect their hands in the shape of a heart. Highly popular in wedding and baby photography, heart hands were the omnipresent definition of friendship in 2014. We’ll see whether or not they fall out of favor in 2015, but we have a feeling the peace sign is making its triumphant return from the beyond.

7. The Tilt Shift Feature

The Tilt Shift button (that little tear drop-shaped guy) is probably Instagram’s most misused feature, often employed to give photos a pseudo-artistic look. Fortunately, it appears as though the trend is falling out of fashion, as Instagram users discover that blurred edges don’t automatically equal good photography.


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