iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

The Back Story

If you’ve ever wondered how pro photographers capture great photos with their phone, I have something for you. Since getting the iPhone X, I’ve been working on condensing my best-learned lessons in mobile photography into my first ever class on CreativeLive.

What You’ll Learn

  • Using natural light to capture indoor and outdoor portraits
  • Simple posing and light considerations for kids, adults, families or group photos
  • Techniques for capturing those fleeting, candid moments
  • Simple tricks for capturing great action photos of fast-moving subjects
  • Tips for capturing gorgeous landscape and cityscape photos in different lighting conditions
  • Utilizing the newest features to capture gorgeous 4k video and Slo-Mo
  • How and when to use different lenses built into your iPhone, optical and digital zoom
  • Making your photos look great with simple post processing tips, filters and tools native to iOS / iPhon
  • A tour of key iPhone X features that will help you make the most of the new technology
  • ..and bonus materials

Why This Matters Now

While this is a rather small thing (ie “just a class”) it’s a big deal in my eyes given that the aim is to further unlock the creative potential of millions of people who use their phone as their primary camera.

Though I’ve been a professional photographer for essentially my entire life– shooting for brands like Nike, RedBull, Apple more than 100 others—and working with gear companies like Nikon and Polaroid and Profoto and a dozen more. I’ve been a firm believer that gear is far less important than people think. Yes. I said it. Read that again.
In a world where technology is so rapidly evolving, if you have a decent camera in your phone, the gear barely matters for 99% of the photographers on the planet. That’s why I was an early champion of camera phones in a time where pro photographers either dismissed them as crappy toys or bemoaned that they were killing the industry. After all, I recognized that photographs are about stories and moments not megapixels and dynamic range.

Back when I got the first iPhone, I used it’s 2-megapixel camera to snap photos as a visual journal. Despite the funny looks I got from 99% of my peers, the doubters and haters on my blog and other social sites for using my phone when I “was a professional” who had easy access to “a hundred thousand dollars in pro camera gear,” I felt an undercurrent that I could not deny. Sure it was early but it was the camera on the first iPhone that inspired me to popularize the phrase “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” It was the future.

My mobile photography from first models of the Apple iPhone


Now ten years later, I tasted that same taste again with the iPhone X. The camera isn’t just the center of the iPhone – or any other camera phone, for that matter– photography is now officially part of our cultural language. Photography is no longer a skill that’s “nice to have”. It is a point of cultural literacy. As such, I wanted to make a simple but the definitive quick guide about how to make amazing photography with your phone. Sure I use the iPhone X in this video, but the concepts are all the same.

If you don’t think this is for you because you’re not an iPhone X user or you’re too much of a pro or – hell – too much of a beginner, think again. In this class I talk about the fundamentals — composition, simple key principles, coaching subjects, and how to create kick ass imagery no matter what camera you’re using. I’m use the iPhone X because it’s the phone I have with me, but I structured this class to be a helpful class for anyone with a mobile phone. You’ll learn how I use, think about, and capture amazing photos and videos in the moment with my best camera — the one that’s with me.

Want to check it out? Go here. It’s broken down into a handful of five minute lessons. It’s free if you check it out today December 20, 2017 9AM PST on CreativeLive or you can snag it for $9 and pick a few bonus materials. 

So – without further ado – why settle for good pictures when you can make great ones? Taking decent photos + videos with your phone is no longer a skill that’s a nice to have. It’s a must. It’s a extension of self-expression, of sharing ideas, and of storytelling. This CreativeLive class is your quick and dirty guide to turning your photos from good to great.

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Chase Jarvis is the co-founder and CEO of CreativeLive, a world-renowned photographer and director, and lifelong student.