InstaBasics: A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram

guide to instagramYou’ve probably seen our Instagram galleries here on the blog (missed those? You can catch up here, here, and here.), but, like a lot of small business owners, you may still get the feeling that the photo-sharing app is mostly just pictures of brunches, babies, and beach sunsets. Or, maybe you’ve been holding off on setting up your own Instagram account out of fear that its excessively beautiful images will distract you from work and have you hooked on your phone. Either way, if you haven’t gotten into ‘Gramming yet, it’s time you started. Because, truthfully, it is possible to enjoy all the pretty pictures and use Instagram to grow your business. Seriously!

Sue B. Zimmerman teaches entrepreneurs, business execs, and marketing professionals how powerful Instagram for can be as a marketing tool, and she has a wealth of ideas to get you started. But before you check out her 3-day class on the subject, or get lost scrolling through the #InstaGalLive hashtag, she’ll teach you the basics.

Check out Sue’s User Guide to Instagram and get a complete overview of the Instagram interface.

If you want to use Instagram to help strategically grow you business, you are going to need to know more than how to scroll through the home feed. For that, there’s Sue’s class, which is full of useful marketing tips, additional photo-editing apps, and other great advice. Get it here.

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