My Biggest Fear About Switching to Videography: Mastering Video Editing

My Biggest Fear Switching To Video
Photo by Alex Sanchez

One of my biggest fears about videography is NOT that capturing footage will be impossible or extremely difficult. What video I do take may not be the best (I’m not looking to win any awards, but I’m not the worst in the world), but by no means is it awkward potato quality. My true unbridled and monstrous elephant sized fear is that…

I don’t actually know what to do with the footage I capture.

As a photographer, I am most comfortable, relaxed, and at home when a camera is firmly planted in my hand. The shutter snapping merrily away in my ear and I feel confident that I know what the story is, why I’m telling it, and how I’m going to post-process it to my liking. I’ve spent more than my share of 10,000 hours with photography. Unfortunately, now that I’m transitioning to video the 10,000 hours begin anew.

Want to take your Adobe skills to the next level? Join Abba Shapiro for his Quick Start on Adobe Premier Pro.

I’ve been a user of Adobe Photoshop for as long as I can remember it existing and Lightroom and I have been bosom pals for the last 4-5 years as well. All that to say that I look at Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s version of video editing program, with high hopes that it will have a similar feel.

Of course, another fear rises it’s head here as well. Even if it does, I won’t really know how to use those tools, will I?

Thankfully a solution presents itself via Abba Shapiro’s class which is here to bring me, you, THE WOOOORLD the knowledge and know-how that is practical and vital when it comes to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Abba Shapiro himself, is an video editing master trainer, certifying university, and is part of a training center FOR instructors to teach Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. Basically, he is the teacher of teachers, so dude really knows his stuff. He is also a master trainer in several non-Adobe video production tools and has helped many editors migrate to the Adobe platform.

Want to take your Adobe skills to the next level? Join Abba Shapiro for his Quick Start on Adobe Premier Pro.

What’s in the package? With his boot camp training, a 20 lesson breakdown with homework, real-world examples, students will be able to truly follow along in Premiere with Abba so that we, us, me, YOU will have the hands-on opportunity to make what he has to teach solid and tangible in your brain.

If you haven’t already (and I certainly have), RSVP now and take advantage of watching this course while it airs for FREE.

I’ll be doing my best to show you what I will personally be learning with this class and updating you with the mistakes and successes I struggle with along the way. I can’t wait to take this class and if you want to learn how to edit video, neither should you.

Casey Cosley

As a Seattle-based photographer, I incorporate the culture and style of the city into the sense and attitude of my work. I deliver a stunning and vibrant body of work for my clients, and am available for commercial & editorial travel and/or location photo assignments worldwide. Check out my work on Instagram.