The Blogging Recipe Every Photographer Should Use

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I’m often asked for marketing tips or how-tos. When trying to build a business, entrepreneurs search for ways to maximize exposure in the shortest amount of time. I get it.

I, however, think traditional forms of advertising are fading and new opportunities are sprouting for people to develop a voice.

Blogging enabled me to add more flavor to who I am as a person, not just as a photographer. And while some bloggers have an easy time posting everyday, I’m not one of those people. Writing everyday is a discipline. I practice and blog as part of my daily workflow.

Sure, some might disagree with my approach, but that’s fine. I don’t blog for them. I write for my family, friends, and clients…and readers who share their lives with me. My blog has become a place where people meet, share, and connect. That’s precisely what I want.
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When I first started my business, I understood the value and importance of my website (which is, hands down, the key ingredient), but I used my blog to supplement my online presence. Unbeknownst to me, these two components became the only things I used to grow my business. And it remains the same to this day.

When it comes to writing about clients, I’m a huge proponent of crafting a personal post all.about.them. I don’t have a questionnaire for clients to fill out in advance, I simply ask how they met. During the engagement session — while shooting or walking to a new location — I ask how they met.

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On location — don’t forget to ask your clients about their story while you’re shooting!

It’s always a simple Boy Meets Girl story, but I ask questions to fill in the gaps and help me develop a story. The best advice I can offer is to listen. Truly hear what’s being said in between the lines, then feel the story.

If that’s not your style, then try out what I refer to as the 3-and-3 Blogging Rule. And, yes, that’s a total Chuck Woolery reference.

–Write about three things that were unique to the day, and craft a sentence around each idea. (Ex: It was a cloudy day and just before the wedding ceremony, it began to pour.)
–Write about three things unique to your clients, and craft a sentence around each idea. (Ex: John is the only person who can make Kate smile so wide her nose scrunches.)

If you write three unique things about the day and three unique things about the client, you’ll have a total of six sentences…and last I heard (freshman year of high school, baby!) six sentences make a paragraph.

Bam! Now you’ve crafted a personalized entry for clients and I believe it reveals a new layer to your business. Your personality.
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