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10 Creative Jobs To Apply For Right Now

by Mehera Bonner
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creative jobs to apply for
In the market for a new job? Trawling the internet in search of the perfect gig can be a chore, but we’re here to make things a little easier on you.

Each week, you can visit CreativeLive for a roundup of our favorite creative jobs in photography, design, media and art –– both freelance and full time. Most of these listings are fresh off the press, so make sure to apply this weekend to get your name into the mix!

Designer at Simon & Schuster

Location: New York, NY
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: Simon & Schuster is seeking a Designer to prepare cover and jacket mechanicals for printing. You will work with art directors, and do some cover design of your own! Sounds awesome, so apply here.

Creative Strategist at Instagram

Location: Menlo Park, CA
Position type: Full-time
About the job: Want to work for Instagram? The company is seeking a Creative Strategist to “lead and consult with brands that are increasingly becoming part of the community.” About the job: “You’ll use a firm understanding of your client’s business and the Instagram platform to develop, package and present original creative solutions that set the bar for the entire industry. You’ll leverage your full range of storytelling abilities to present your ideas to our partners.” Apply here and keep your fingers crossed.

Production Designer at Dwell

Location: New York, NY
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: Dwell seeks a Designer to work on the “10+ page per-issue ‘Market'” as well as “various Advertorial sections.” You’ll be collecting hi-res art and copy, as well as following through with proofing and creation of final print ready files.” Apply here.

Video Editor at Snapchat

Location: Venice, CA
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: Snapchat is looking for a Video Editor to edit video, audio, photographic and graphic content / create compelling narrative content for internal and public projects. Best. Job. Ever. Apply here.

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Graphic Designer at Fab.

Location: New York, NY
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: Fab. is searching for a Graphic Designer to contribute to the creative team’s production of “strategic and innovative web and mobile design.” This includes digital marketing and promotional material, banner ads and website assets, as well as social media channels and content. Sounds fab (get it?).Apply here.

Product Designer at Vine

Location: New York, NY
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: Vine is looking for a Product Designer to “turn high-level concepts into pixel-perfect UI renderings and prototypes, and collaborate with your team to put it out into the multi-million-user Vine community.” Apply here.

Freelance Graphic Artist at Fishpeople

Location: Portland, OR
Position type: Freelance
About the job: Hipster seafood company, Fishpeople, is looking for a freelance Graphic Artist (15-20 hours a week) to design packaging and marketing materials. Apply here.

Graphic Designer for the Brooklyn Nets

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: The Brooklyn Nets seeks a Graphic Designer to make “creative graphic elements” throughout the marketing process. Responsibilities include designing “original creative elements,” and working on multiple projects daily among others. *Must be a fan of Jay Z.* Apply here.

Assistant Editor at TriFilm

Location: Seattle, WA
Position type: Freelance
About the job: TriFilm seeks an assistant editor to help cut their new multi-camera docu-style reality TV show. “The project will incorporate footage shot from teams across the country, and requires a dedicated edit team to ingest, organize, and cut together storylines based on ‘season long’ story arcs developed by the producing and writing teams.”  The Assistant Editor will evaluate, organize, and prep all materials received from the filming teams. Apply here.

Senior Product Designer at Etsy

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Position type: Full-Time
About the job: Etsy is recruiting a Senior Product Designer, who will “tackle our most difficult user experience problems.” Responsibilities: “On the design side, you will need a good sense for when to apply established patterns and styles, as well as when to evolve them or leave them behind entirely. You’ll identify and help correct product inconsistencies, on both the visual and experience sides.” Fondness for homemade goods definitely a bonus. Apply here.

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Mehera Bonner is a freelance lifestyle and entertainment writer. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and two children.