CreativeLive’s Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2017

Better hurry–Father’s Day is almost here! And if you’re running low on ideas this year, we have a clever solution. Enlighten dad with the gift that keeps on giving—a CreativeLive class, of course! All of our classes come with on-demand access and can be viewed on any device. Here’s a hand-picked selection of classes for every kind of dad out there, but you can check out our full list of classes that dads will be sure to love in our 
Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Handyman Dad
If your dad loves photography, but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on building a beautiful portrait studio, then this class is the perfect pick. Mike Hagen shows you how to build your own inexpensive, but highly effective, home studio. Dad will be happy to know he can save hundreds of dollars following Mike’s pro tips and tricks, all while taking the perfect mantle-worthy family pics, in this Build a DIY Home Studio class.

Hi-Tech Dad
For the new dad who can’t stop taking pictures of the baby, a class on iPhone Photography Tips will help him get the perfect cute pic every time. For the older dad, improve his iPhone photo skills so you can delete less of the photos he keeps sending you. Pair this with a few nice picture frames so he can print out and display his favorite snaps, old school style.

Or maybe you’re thinking about getting your dad a GoPro. Add it with this class, How to Use GoPro for Outdoor Photography, and it will certainly push him in the right direction with a wide array of tricks and ideas for using this highly versatile camera.

Artsy Dad
For your designer dad, the Introduction to Letterpress Printing offers a whole new world of inspiration for his next project and gets him up to speed with the latest in printing trends. Ask dad to put his new skills to good use and print up some beautiful artisan product that can be used around the house. You can also book some time at a local printing studio so dad can hone his letterpress printing technique after taking the class.

Allow your dad to feel like the musical genius that he knows he is with the Intro to Home Recording class. If he’s got music in his soul, this class will help him sound like a pro once he starts using the recording and editing tips from a world class audio engineer. You can also find a USB condenser mic or a pair of high-quality headphones to add to his recording gear.

Career-Minded or Retired Dad
Whether or not dad has hit that mid-life crisis moment, the lessons taught by two Stanford professors in this class have the power to help him learn how to generally feel unstuck in life—all through the principles of design thinking. If dad’s considering a career move, unsure about the next step for his business, or isn’t sure what to do during retirement, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life might be just what he needs to come to a meaningful, confident decision. As an add-on gift, you can also get him a copy of the instructors’ best-selling book (same title as the class) which the class is based on.

Foodie Dad
Does dad have a love for food that could use a boost? Is he a great cook who just loves to photograph his dishes? Food Photography will push his food styling and capturing techniques to the next level—and beyond. Taught by world-renowned food photographer, stylist and writer Andrew Scrivani, the expert information and motivation offered in this highly popular class will have your dad (and everyone else) drooling over his photos in no time. In addition to the class, get him some pretty plates or a nice bamboo cutting board for his next food photo shoot.

If your wine lover dad always looks confused when he’s reading wine labels at the store, then this class is for him. Become a Great Wine Taster is taught by none other than a master sommelier, who will guide your dad through the wonderful world of wine. And don’t forget to tell dad you might have to help him out with the homework on this one. Surprise him with a bottle of his favorite wine, a new set of wine glasses and this delightful course.

Outdoorsy Dad
If your dad is always using the “landscape” mode on his camera, he needs this class. Award-winning photographer and instructor Ian Shive teaches Photographing America’s National Parks from the heart of Mt. Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park. You couldn’t ask for a better classroom. You can also throw in an annual pass to the National Parks so dad can get out there and practice his newly minted photography skills.

For any dad who’s a big fan of National Geographic’s photographic work, gift him some class time with an actual National Geographic photographer, Frans Lanting. The Art of Seeing offers new and insightful ways of approaching landscape and wildlife photography, based on over three decades of experience in shooting all over the world. Lanting also teaches how to set up outdoor shoots along the coast of California.


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