How to Get Comfortable with Family Pet Photoshoots

Norah Levine

Norah Levine wants to make your family pet photoshoots easier, for you and your clients.

If you have ever spent time photographing families who bring their pets to the shoot, you can appreciate how difficult it can be getting the shot that you want.

Why is this crazy dog jumping all over the place? Will the cat ever stop attacking my shoes every time I walk by? Why can’t I get them to hold still?

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In order to help us get through these shoots with something to be proud of, Norah has given us some helpful tips for how to make sure working with a pet is a walk in the (dog) park.

Spend Time Around Animals

Observe and interact with any and all animals available to you. Start with your own or maybe a friend to increase your own comfort level. We tend to be nervous of the unknown, and familiarizing yourself with how a dog or cat will act in a given situation will help to get both you and your clients pet at ease.

Norah Levine Pet Photography

Watch for signs of distress and contentment

Your energy and how you act can directly impact your ability to photograph any animal. A wildly arm flailing photographer is much less likely to catch the shot of a cat acting sweet to it’s owner. On the flip side sitting quietly waiting for a dog to get excited is about as much fun as watching paint dry. It’s important that your energy matches the kind of photo you want to take.

Nora Levine

Take breaks

Animals get tired too. Especially if you’re constantly trying to get a specific shot. If it isn’t working out, try something new and come back to it. Change environment, change toys, change location, change poses and keep an open mind.

The key here is don’t let yourself get discouraged. If you’re struggling and your clients notice their family friend may take a cue from that and start acting up.


Don’t leave it up to chance. There are so many different and effective ways to make sure you achieve exactly what you are looking for out of your photoshoots, and Norah Levine knows just how to show you.

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