5 Inspired Instagram Tips for Savvy Sellers


It’s not enough to post a still photo of a vintage dress to attract and retain Instagram followers. You must think outside the box to get your goods noticed on Instagram. From street-style videos to outfit-of-the-day suggestions, getting insta-creative has never been more essential (or more fun).

Here are five effective ways to have more fun with your product posts on Instagram:

1. Turn street-style on its head.
You’ve seen street-style shots long before Instagram was even a thing, but have you thought about shooting a quick street-style video to make your feed come alive? Get the right angles, and you’ll leave your followers totally transfixed. Dig this smooth example from street-style pro Karl-Edwin Guerre (@guerrisms).

2. Make the model move it.
Rather than always posting still-life pics of models and mannequins, bring the fashion to life by posting a video of your model doing anything from a few “Vogue” poses to doing a little dance. Take a cue from 1980s connoisseur Red Rose Vintage, and shake it—then sell it.

3. Switch up the background.
While it’s important to stay consistent with the way you show off your goods—be it on a mannequin or a model—there’s no shame in switching up the background for a special series. For example, vintage seller Sartorial Matters goes pink for most pictures, but experiments with different colors when the occasion calls for it. Why not change yours to yellow for your spring collection?

Play with the backdrop for your fashion posts.
Courtesy Sartorial Matters

4. Utilize Hyperlapse and Boomerang.
Instagram’s gone to the trouble of integrating the Hyperlapse and Boomerang apps within its platform, so why not utilize them and reap the benefits? No one can deny the mesmerizing effect of both unique video apps, so get creative by documenting everything from shopping trips and fashion shows to product-making videos and behind-the-scenes fashion shoots. Here’s an example from visual merchandiser and Instagrammer lou_dynamite, who used Hyperlapse to document the styling of a shop display.

A video posted by Fashion GÄD (@lou_dynamite) on

5. Recommend an #OotD.
Admit it: Everyone needs a little coordination assistance sometimes, and sellers-in-the-know are taking the brain work out of it for their Instagram followers. A blouse may look dull on its own, but show that it can shine with the help of complementary shoes and such, and you’ll have a converted customer in no time. Here’s Inherited Vintage showing you how easy but useful it is to post a cute #ootd (a.k.a. oufit of the day).

A photo posted by Inherited (@shopinherited) on

What attention-getting tactics are you using on Instagram? If you need some inspiration on sprucing up your social accounts, check out Erin Dollar’s class, Connect with Customers on Social Media.

As the owner of a vintage boutique, Kelly is always looking for inspiration on Instagram. She also writes for eBay about ways to leverage your everyday technology to market your creative business.

Kelly Rae Smith

Kelly is a music editor, vintage seller and lifelong crafter who you can follow on Twitter here.