7 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

redesign your website

How do you know when it’s time to redesign your website? The answer shouldn’t be “it doesn’t look modern” or “I don’t like the color scheme.” There are certain capabilities and elements your site needs to run properly and accomadate viewers on a wealth of new devices including smart phones and tablets.

CreativeLive instructor Janine Warner outlines 7 signs that show you need a site redesign ASAP.

The copyright hasn’t been updated since 1999

It’s 2013, is that what your copyright says? When you redesign your site, make sure you use a little PHP in that copyright field and the date will change automatically next January 1. Follow this link to discover just how easy it is to automate changing the date from now on.

Your images are tiny, but it still takes forever to download

Explore the web and you’re sure to appreciate how beautiful sites are when they use big, bold images. Full screen photos and highly graphical designs make the web a more beautiful place. If your front page still features tiny little images, we all know right away that you haven’t updated your site in years. Worse yet, even with those tiny images, if they’re not optimized or you’ve got bloated code under the hood, your pages are taking longer than they should to download. Google favors sites that load fast, and so do visitors.

Even you can’t find what you’re looking for

If you’re site has grown organically over the years, it’s probably not as well organized as it could be. Taking a little time to rethink the structure of your site, improve the navigation links, and even add a search engine, can help visitors find what they’re looking for, and makes them more likely to come back.

Want to see the rest? Check out Janine’s 7 Signs article, on her blog.

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