5 Tips for Friday: Monopods, Newborn Props, and Managing Your Online Reputation

Some of our favorite instructors popped up this week on CreativeLive’s YouTube channel, including Victor Ha and his incredible tips on DSLR filmmaking, and Julia Kelleher and clever tricks for newborn photography. Plus, our music guy Finn talked to Fronz from Attila!

So here are your five Friday video tips to get your weekend started:


Fronz gives the advice he’d have liked to hear when he was 15, and talks about what it takes for a band to make it big. See more of the chat here.


What’s a monopod and why should you be using it in your filmmaking? Victor Ha explains. If you’re interested in DSLR filmmaking, check out his super-informative class.


Props don’t have to be expensive. Julia Kelleher has some pretty sneaky tricks for posing newborns safely — and adorably! — on the cheap.

Here’s another one from Victor that’s great for basically anyone — the difference between a silver light reflector and a black one. So interesting!


What’s the fastest way to ruin your online reputation? During her course on social media design, Janine Warner explained the number one way to make yourself look bad on the internet.

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