Photo Book Design Corner – The Modern Album Design

Wedding trends come and go, but we have to say we are smitten with modern album design. What exactly is modern album design? Well, it’s a lay out that puts emphasis on the simplicity of strong images and the story they tell.
In this week’s photo book design corner, we offer a few tips on how to achieve the modern album look.

1. Less is Definitely More

Unlike album designs of the past, modern design offers a less is more approach.  One to two images per page is the general consensus of what looks good. Any more than this, can often dilute the images – lessen their impact.

2. Negative Space is Your Friend

Modern album design includes blank/negative space. It is no longer necessary to fill every space on a spread. Modern design takes its cue from fine art galleries. Often images are framed with large white mats to help direct the viewer’s eye to the image. This is also a powerful idea when designing your album.

3. Keep Tones Consistent on Spread

Try to keep tones and the background the same on a spread. For example, below you’ll see the wedding party. Instead of having some in color and some in black and white, the photographer left everything in color. Images are not fighting for attention on this page, they are the same tones and the same background.

Same with this example below, tones are consistent and background remains the same. It’s a seamless transition and pleasing to the eye.

4. Lose the Embellishments

This could also be filed under the less is more folder. Leave the embellishments, the strokes, the stickers and all other graphic elements off the spread. The beauty of modern design is the image and no distracting design elements which can take away from the spread.

5. Don’t Fear the Gutter

AdoramaPix was one of the first photo book/album makers to offer the gutterless, lay flat book. With no cuts to your images, you can rest assured that if you take an image over the gutter it will be seamless.

AdoramaPix offers the most beautiful photo books and flush mount albums for bridal couples and photographers.  Get as creative as you like by designing your own, or use one of many templates to help you achieve a beautiful design look.
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Michelle Libby