The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Users

photo editing apps for android
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With every new iPhone and iOS update, Apple makes one thing clear: Photography is very, very important to mobile phone users. Statistically, that’s a trend that’s pretty easy to see; Instagram announced last year that it had topped 800 million users, and the various iPhone iterations top every data set about who uploads their photos to Flickr.

flickr camera usageflickr camera usage

And even though the iPhone is the most popular phone among photographers, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one — which is why it’s disappointing when app developers make photo-editing software that’s iOS-specific. Because if you’re going to be doing any kind of social media marketing, just about every marketing expert (and regular person) advises doing some color correction or other editing to photos with programs like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom — and if there’s no simple, attractive way to do it, that can put non-iOS camera app users at a distinct disadvantage if they’re trying to create the best photos.

Fortunately, there are some photo editing apps for Android users, which are both powerful and yield great results. Here are just a few of the choices that Android users have when it comes to editing their photos from their phones.

snapseed is a powerful photo editor


Recommended by food photographers and Instagram celebs Diane Cu and Todd Porter, Snapseed is a free photo editing app for both Android and iOS. Intuitive and easy-to-use, this photo app is a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike, garnering praise from the New York Times and CNET.

Photo Editor from Aviary:

Simply named, Photo Editor is one of the top photo editing apps in the Google Play store for several reasons. First, it strikes the perfect balance between simple and powerful. Second, because it’s free. And third, well, the easy-to-remember name probably doesn’t hurt. It’s been praised by Mashable and Lifehacker for being both comprehensive and simple.

Join Pei Ketron, well-known photographer, educator, speaker and iPhone expert as she guides you through how to maximize your photos using your iPhone.

iPhone photography with Pei Ketron


Yes, the photo-sharing platform’s app is good for browsing images and uploading your own, but it’s also got photo editing tools that can make your photos even better for sharing on social networks. The editing app itself is a little different-looking than others — instead of a more traditional square with tools at the bottom, they’re integrated into the image — but it does allow for high-quality editing potential by giving the user the ability to work directly with the image’s histogram.

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When it first rolled out, VSCO was iPhone-only, leading to a collective groan among Android users who watched their friends post elegantly-filtered images to their social networks. The pre-loaded filters on VSCO are great for quick, on-the-go editing, and the more in-depth features seem to have spurred Instagram to include similar tools on its own native dashboard to keep up. Now, it’s available to Android users, too. One of the best photo apps out there (and includes a VSCO cam for on the spot photo taking), VSCO’s editing features provide photo filters for amazing photos and creative control.

Pixlr Express:

If you’re prepared for advanced editing features that allow you to edit every aspect of your photo, Pixlr is your best bet. With more crunchy tools like teeth whitening, red-eye correction, and white balance, this is a photo app for people who really like to have control over their images. It also allows users to make photo collages, and add text and stickers, which are great for sharing on social networks.

Join Pei Ketron, well-known photographer, educator, speaker and iPhone expert as she guides you through how to maximize your photos using your iPhone.

iPhone photography with Pei Ketron

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