Call for Photo Submissions: Art Wolfe Wants to Edit your RAW Files for You!

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Renowned nature and cultural photographer, Art Wolfe is a master at telling a visual story with his photos. He does this by seeking out compelling scenes, using creative composition, and post-processing his final images so that they only highlight the most important visual elements.

With his upcoming course on CreativeLive, Photography as Art, you will have an exclusive opportunity to discover how Art Wolfe sees the world – through your images.

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As part of this incredible course, we are calling on you, our photography students, to submit your raw image for a chance to have it edited by Art Wolfe in his class! 

Expanding Your Visual Imagination

Why do some photographs speak to your soul and remain in your memory long after you’ve turned away, while others fade more quickly? How do great artists and photographers engage with the viewer, spark their imagination and discover a new way of seeing?

During this free live class:

  • Art will transform your raw image into something abstract to show you how he views photography and art
  • Art will explain how to find compelling visual stories within your own images that are unique and abstract
  • Learn how to find a balance of negative and positive space in abstract images is important, and Art will show you how he finds the abstract in everyday images
  • After your image has been edited, we’ll return the final image to you!

Example Before:

OLYM0901180188 (1)

Example After:

Sunset on Second Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA


Submit an image showing how you see the world, and Art will edit it to show you how he see’s the world through his eyes in your image!

This is an incredible opportunity, so make sure you submit now, because he will only have time to edit a certain number of images during this incredible live event! 


Submit Your RAW File Here:

Update: submissions for this event have closed. Thanks to all who participated! Check out the class to see Art’s edits on video. 

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Once you submit your image, make sure you sign up for the course with Art Wolfe on Photography as Art. It’s free to watch while live, so sign up now and make sure you reserve your seat for this awesome course and see if your photo is selected to be edited by a pro!

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