Matthew Jordan Smith Really Loves Photography, And His Photo Week Quotes Prove It


If there was one thing we learned from Matthew Jordan Smith, it’s that he’s in love with photography and light, and watching him speak about it during Photo Week 2016 was totally endearing and uplifting.

A Nikon ambassador, Matthew has shot for brands like Revlon, Target, and HBO, and celebrities like Oprah, Aretha Franklin, and Jennifer Connelly, all lit in his unique style, which he says is his personal “thumbprint.” Matthew stressed that the way you light a shot should be consistent throughout your work — no matter if you’re shooting outside or indoors — and showed us all how to achieve different looks through lighting in his class, How to Discover and Use Lighting Styles.


When you watch, you’ll understand why I say he’s in love with photography (seriously you guys, he’s amazing). Until then, check out some of his best quotes from Photo Week 2016 below.


Michael Jordan Smith is an award winning photographer that loves light. He waxed poetic about lighting during Photo Week 2016. Get his best lessons here!








Kristy Ellington

Head of content marketing and social media at Creativelive.