Want to Roll VIP-Style During Photo Week? Now You Can.

Always be improving. It’s a good mantra to live life by, and one that we take to heart here at CreativeLive, especially when it comes to Photo Week.

Coming off last year’s epic Photo Week Bus Tour, our team had quite the challenge on their hands. I mean, how do you top a West Coast road trip with a handful of our favorite instructors like Sue Bryce and Jasmine Star, only stopping to spread their photographic know-how? Clearly, we had our work cut out for us.


Today we are excited to announce the rollout of our Photo Week 2016 VIP Experience, an all-access pass that gives you a front row seat to all the Photo Week NYC action. As a VIP, not only do you get premium seating in all of our East Coast broadcasts, but you’ll have a front row seat for our In Focus talks — a 30-minute inspirational lecture series that will kick off each day with featured speakers like Humans of New York photog, Brandon Stanton.  As a VIP, you might even score a behind the scenes moments with many of our top-notch instructors as you hang with the talent and crew during production breaks — networking with the best of them.

If you thought that was the end of it, I’m happy to tell you you’re terribly mistaken, but in the best way possible.  

Not only are we inviting VIP’s into previously ‘off limits’ areas, we are hosting a myriad of events during our time in The Big Apple. With plans for an epic meetup with some to the city’s coolest Instagrammers, to a Happy Hour Meet n’ Greet AND exclusive portfolio review from industry professionals, as a VIP, you’ll have an action packed schedule of events that culminate in our infamous Photo Week Wrap Party.


If an all access pass to Photo Week sounds amazing, brace yourself for a few more bonus features that are included on our VIP Experience page.
To get the most out of this year’s Photo Week, our VIP Experience is a once in a lifetime chance to master your photography skills and experience the behind the scenes magic that makes Photo Week our most popular event of the year.  But here’s the catch — there are only 25 VIP tickets available, so if you want the velvet ropes parted for you during Photo Week, click over here to reserve your pass now and we’ll see you in New York on September 26th!

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