Posing Tips for Wedding Pictures: A Model’s Advice for Brides

Having worked on many bridal shoots as a model and involved in several real weddings before, I’ve picked up some things that I hope might help a few others. 

Dear Bride-to-be,

Posing for the camera: There are certain posing tips that apply to all women — whether they are wearing a bridal gown or not. However, your wedding day is the one day you’ll really want to put theory into practice — and believe me, it makes all the difference. Here are my top ten bridal posing tips:

1. Where to hold your flowers — Aim for just below belly button level. Not too high and not too low. This pushes your arms out with a slight bend at your elbow, avoiding crushed skin and bingo wings. It also acts as bonus stomach coverage. #Winning

Above image by Bentham Imaging.

2. Separate limbs — as with the above, keeping your arms away from your body also slims down the thickness of your overall body shape through illusion (see more of this in a past blog titled Dear Model). This works for men as well as women, although it is less noticeable in a suit and limbs may need to be brought out more obviously.

tumblr_inline_nd79z2fZeY1rvtvr9Above image by Bentham Imaging.

3. Find your waist — When your photographer says “put your hands on your hips,” what they actually mean is your waist. By putting your hands on your waist you elongate your legs and draw attention to your smallest width. Whereas your actual hips are far lower and essentially the widest part of your figure. Look in the mirror and you’ll see, it’s a little cheat that’s priceless to know.

296084897_e0046d4fc6_zPhoto via David Nestor on Flickr.

4. Chin chinny chin chin charoo — the bride’s enemy is her second chin, even the size zero model has one hiding, I promise! Practice by pushing your jaw down and out, whilst stretching your neck and rolling your shoulders back. Obviously there is a limit on how far and you’ll know when too far is too far.

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