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7 Thoughts On Being A Photographer

Photography can be a deeply lonesome medium for a multitude of reasons. First, because, unless you have a second shooter, you’re literally the only person around to capture what’s going on. And second because, as Anne Geddes has said, when you’re just discovering photography on…

photo & video

What Makes A Great Second Shooter?

Like Bigfoot, your spare SD card, and the perfect pair of jeans, a truly great second shoot can feel impossible to find. It’s not that there aren’t an abundance of highly-qualified photographers out there, it’s just that the role of the second shooter is an extremely…


How To Pick The Best Camera To Film Your Movie

There’s no two ways around it: If you want to a make a movie, you’re going to need gear. That said, it is possible to find the kind of workhorse tools that can help you shoot beautiful footage without going totally broke. Renowned cinematographer Jim Denault, ASC, says…

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