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5 Super Smart Products That Every Musician Needs

This article first appeared on Sonicbids With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, music tech is coming right along with it. There have been some incredibly useful musical devices that have come out (or that have become more universally applicable) in recent years, and…

music & audio

How To Record A Live Band Perfectly

Capturing the energy of a live performance can be one of the more challenges pursuits an engineer faces in their career. While modern digital consoles have made multitrack recording in a live environment almost seamless, successfully putting out a killer-sounding live mix is another task altogether….

music & audio

How to Pick The Very Best Microphone

The most common question I hear from bedroom producers revolves around which microphones are worth it and which ones are just hype. There’s no question that there’s an overabundance of microphones available on the market, and almost any engineer would tell you that the time-tested SM57 is…

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