What’s Your Story #WorldPhotoDay

World Photo Day is Saturday, August 19th, and that gave us an idea.

At CreativeLive, you are the why to what we do. One of the things that makes us most excited to come to work everyday is getting to hear the stories from our community and discover how we’ve championed your creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Image © Nicole Fortney Class: Lifestyle Newborn Photography – In the Home with Emily Lucarz

The Idea:

You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Share your story with us in the form of a single photograph to celebrate World Photo Day. Upload that photo to Instagram and use the hashtags, #worldphotoday and #creativelive.

On World Photo Day (August 19th) we’ll be sharing photos from our global community every hour on the hour. To top it off, one lucky participant will win a FREE class for Film Week, airing August 21-23rd.

As students, instructors, influencers, staff, your stories inspire, push, and ignite the spark in each of us. This is why we are excited to get a glimpse into the variety of our CreativeLive community. You all come from different walks of life, from different corners of the globe, and everyone has a story to tell.

Student Stories

The idea of us bragging about our wildly amazing community is nothing new to us. Check out all of our Student Stories highlighting the amazing talents of our students and submit your experience on how creativity and CreativeLive have played a part in your life.

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