8 Travel Photographers Who Post More Than Sunsets On Instagram

Travel Photogs InstagramImproved phone cameras and ever-prettier photo sharing apps make it easy for any traveler to become a travel photographer — but of course, not every Instagram account about travel is of equal caliber. If you’re over seeing the same image of an airplane wing, but still want some imagery to feel your wanderlust, these Instagram accounts feature the work of photographers hitting the road to capture misty mountains, captivating cityscapes, and everything in between.

Adventure is calling, but it’s not always possible to answer which is where social media like this comes in. Find some inspiration for the next weekend getaway on your calendar from these travel photographers over on Instagram.


The settings Cory Staudacher snaps aren’t usually of far off lands, but of locations that are just a mini-road trip away. He might not technically be a travel photographer, but his Instagram captures the hazy cities and foggy beaches of your dreams.

Kristen’s perspective isn’t limited to what she shows us via her iPhone, but also includes anecdotes about what to eat, who to spend time with, and where to stay. Her account is almost more of a travel blog, and the detail she provides provides an experience outside of whatever is going on in front of her lens.

Want your photos featured on an account with over 100k followers? Look no further. The Outbound Collective is an account that spotlights the incredible travel photos of its followers. Just tag your images with #theoutbound and boom, you never know how many people will double-tap your photo.

This Tahoe based traveler’s focus on the landscape of locales a little closer to home, and he seems to shine brightest when snapping shots of snowy scenes. His photography has taken him to more faraway lands like Jordan recently, but enjoy the leading lines found in his closer-to-home photos.

Landscapes are great and all, but sometimes you just really need a photo of a meerkat or a fox or blue-footed booby. Matt’s a photographer for National Geographic, so you know he’s got some serious chops.

The very picture of what comes to mind when you think of “travel photos” (no pun intended, promise). Sezgin Yilmaz is based in Istanbul, but his Paris perspective will have you craving macaroons and quality time with the Eiffel Tower.

Hungry? Spending your lunch hour pinning to your wanderlust board? Then Jodi Ettenberg’s account might be your new favorite thing. Feel both your hunger for exotic grub and appetite for adventure grow as she snaps and describes the plates in front of her.

Karan B.’s sweeping snapshots of seasides and skylines are enough to give even the most jaded of travel bugs a pang of jealousy.

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