What’s In My Bag: Travel Photography Gear Guide with John Greengo

John Greengo is an award-winning photographer specializing in outdoor and travel photography. Shooting for over 3 decades, John has developed an unrivaled understanding of the industry, tools, techniques and art of photography. When he’s not traveling for a new shoot, John Greengo teaches photography to students from all over the world. John’s unique blend of illustrations, animations and photographs make learning photography easy and fun.

As an avid travel photographer, John Greengo has spent years perfecting his go-to travel pack. Through trial and error, he’s found the essentials he needs to sustain his business on the road or during an all day shoot. So, what does John Greengo carry in his bag? We took a look inside to find out and show you what a world-class travel photographer needs to get the job done.

To learn more from John Greengo, check out his courses Fundamentals of Photography or The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners on CreativeLive.

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