Sue Bryce’s Brilliant “Girl Power” Marketing Tactics


Anyone who is familiar with Sue Bryce’s work will tell you that one of her goals in life is to make women feel beautiful and empowered. They’ll also tell you she is good at it. When it comes to glamour shoots, Sue provides each of her clients a luxurious experience that includes an elaborate hair and makeup session, in addition to a unique magazine-like photo shoot environment.

To better understand how to create this sought-after service, Sue first breaks down her clientele into distinct demographics based on age and lifestyle. No one person is the same, but Sue is savvy about where each woman tends to be in her life and what she might most want out of her experience. This is without a doubt the key to her success in the glamour photography world.

According to Sue, one of the most eager age groups to participate in this specific kind of photo shoot pampering is the 18 to 30 year-old crowd without children. Sue calls this group “Girl Power.” These women tend to be big shoppers who spend a decent amount of time online or using smartphones, which helps with word-of-mouth advertising. In other words, when one girl has a great experience, they are more likely to talk about it online or with friends, enticing their friends to call Sue.

Girl Power is also a great demographic for group shoots, as this crowd spends a lot of time socializing outside of the family unit. Younger women are usually eager to bring in friends, sisters, mothers, or significant others to share their day.


To market successfully to Girl Power women, Sue positions her photo shoots as a full-day escape from the daily grind — where photos are just one part of the experience. I’d call it the photography industry’s version of a spa day; The young women come in and have their hair and makeup done with their mother or girlfriends, and then they leave the studio to go out on the town all made up and feeling radiant. It’s a refreshing, relaxing event.

Sue’s Girl Power approach is also evident in some of her couple shoots.  During her 28 Days course on creativeLIVE, for example, she explained how to create a “Calvin Klein style” photo shoot using similar methods to encourage and pose her clients. Check out Sue’s course for more tips on making the most of your sessions with younger female clients.

Don’t miss Sue Bryce, Lara Jade, Emily Soto and Lou Freeman during their Modern Woman’s Portraiture course this March 3-4 to learn more. 



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