Do You Know The Mystery Couple In Yosemite Valley?

Photographer Mike Karas witnessed and photographed an incredible moment in time. A bride and groom experiencing a jawdroppingly beautiful sunset on the edge of a cliff in Yosemite Valley.

Only one problem, he has no idea who they are.

A photo posted by Mike Karas (@mike.karas) on

“I was just snapping away trying to get them,” Mike told the Oregonian, “It was just unbelievable. The sunset that night was awesome.”

When we asked him if we could share his story he told us, “Funny enough I started learning how to shoot/about photography in Feb/March and it was from a tutorial on your site. Please send thanks to John Greengo if you could 🙂 Still watching the videos from his 101 Class.”

Thank you, John Greengo!

The photo itself was taken on September 1st, and Mike is asking that if anyone does know the bride and groom to send them to his instagram @mike.karas for contact.

Be sure to follow @mike.karas for other incredible photos and to see what else he’s up to! 

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