10 Trends You Couldn’t Miss On Etsy This Year

There’s hardly a day that goes by where we don’t find ourselves hopping on Etsy on the hunt for the perfect gift. This maker-friendly site has quickly turned into our go-to source for cutting edge home goods, clothes, office supplies and even furniture, so it’s no surprise that Etsy has an estimated 26 million items listed at any given time. This Brooklyn-based company has showcased some of the biggest trends of 2014, many of which have found their way on the shelves of stores like West Elm, Urban Outfitters and even Nordstrom.

We’ve done a full survey of this year’s biggest Etsy trends for an epic end-of-year roundup –– and chances are you have at least one of these items in your home right now.

etsy trends 2014

Circular Scarves

Why wear a regular scarf where you can wear a circular scarf? They’re chic, stylish, sophisticated, and completely took over the Etsy fashion scene this year. Some of our favorites include this gorgeous color block scarf, and this lovely chevron print!

Marbled Ceramics

Marbling was everywhere this year, but especially dominated ceramics and pottery on Etsy. Marbled stoneware and earthenware can be found all over the site –– including these gorgeous planters from Leah Ball.

etsy trends 2014

State Shaped Necklaces and Cutting Boards

Time to represent your home state! You can barely get through Etsy without wooden cutting boards in the shape of Texas and delicate gold necklaces in the shape of California greeting you at every turn –– and why not? Totally fun and cute, but possibly a bit too gimmicky to last through 2015.


The 70s are calling! Macrame is back in a big way, and if you don’t feel like braiding white rope into a hanging planter yourself (totally on trend), you can always hit up Etsy stores like The Vintage Loop for an endless supply of of macrame goodness –– including some pretty cool wall-hangings. And speaking of which….

Wall Hangings

70s-style wall hangings are popping up everywhere from Urban Outfitters to Anthropologie –– but there’s no denying that they got their start on Etsy. Turns out many sellers weave in their free time –– and hangings with decorative tufts and geometric patterns (like this one from Zoe Loves Ava) seemed to be especially big in 2014.

etsy trends 2014Indigo and Shibori Pillows

In need of a elegant tie-dye pillow? Look no further than Etsy circa 2014, where indigo and shibori could be found virtually everywhere. Of course, like most trends on Etsy there were some major misses, but some of the dye work on the site is truly spectacular –– like that of Etsy seller Grey Green Goods.

Teeny Tiny Jewelry

From midi-rings to delicate letter and number necklaces, itsy-bitsy gold jewelry was all over Etsy in 2014. Extra points for items in the shape of an arrow, and circular pendants with customizable letter stamps like these ones from Kelly At Large!

Floral iPhone Cases

Fun iPhone cases have been taken to a whole new level on Etsy, and everyone seems particularly obsessed with decking their phones out in cases featuring pressed flowers. Pretty, (usually pink) and exceptionally cheerful, we hope they stay on trend well into 2015.

Beaded Polymer Necklaces

If tiny gold jewelry isn’t your thing, you can always check out the dearth of matte neon necklaces on Etsy. They’re chunky, they’re typically made of clay or polymer, and they’re selling like hot cakes. Check out this pretty example from Floti!

Gemstone Rings

Gemstones were all over the place in 2014, from linens, to stationary, to jewelry. These sparklers were particularly popular on Etsy, specifically “raw” gems dipped in gold and placed on a band, like this one from Delezhen. Look familiar? Chances are at least one of your friends owns one of these!

Photos: Chevron print infinity scarf by aCutee,  wooden cutting board by Diamond J Woodcraft, and Kelly At Large‘s rustic gold necklace. 


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