What do freelancers need, other than more clients and more hours in the day? Plenty of things — and even if they don’t, they might still like a thoughtful present that says “even though I don’t have a single clue what it is you actually do, I hope you continue to do it well in the new year!”

These gifts for freelancers will delight your self-employed loved ones, and might even help their business out, some, too.

freelancer gifts

On-the-go juice. Dead batteries are the freelancer’s worst fear — what if you get to the coffee shop (or a client meeting) only to be greeted by a blank screen? Bail your friend out of a jam with one of mophie‘s amazing battery solutions, whether it’s the Juice Pack phone case or a standalone power station.

Digital storage. Face it: Freelancers have to save basically everything, whether it’s for tax purposes or to ensure they’re not getting stiffed by clients. Give the gift of more space by upgrading your freelancer to a Dropbox Pro account. Though the company doesn’t technically offer gifting, if your friend isn’t on it yet, or doesn’t have a Dropbox just for their company, you can just buy them a Pro account.

Actual storage. Maybe your freelancer needs to organize their papers, art supplies, or documents that aren’t cloud-based — what then? Easy. Just hit up Etsy for any number of cute storage solutions to help offer organization and style.

freelance gift guide

A classy cord wrangler. Freelancers usually have conservatively a million things plugged in to their laptop and/or wall, so an attractive way to pull it all together would be a welcome addition to any home office. Pinza is affordable and oh-so-chic.

A shredder. Personal, confidential, and financial documents probably arrive in your freelancer’s mailbox all the time, which can potentially leave them open to identity theft. A small paper shredder is a handy thing to own, and can genuinely protect a person from some real headaches.

gifts for freelancers

Dress sweats. The freelancer’s dream, these comfy bottoms look like real pants but wear like our beloved soft-pants. Betabrand makes them for both ladies and gents.