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The holidays are all about friends and family. We all know that spending time together is what’s really important, but gifts, cards and simple actions help us demonstrate just how important they are in our lives.

The best gifts are the personalized, creative ones that you just can’t put a price tag on. To give you some ideas on how to use your photography to make meaningful, fun gifts and cards, we asked professional photographer Lindsay Adler for her recommendations.

photo courtesy of Dave Junion

1. Snow brushes

Download free snow brushes for photoshop and turn any photo into a winter wonderland! You can find downloads simply by typing ‘snow brushes’ into an Internet search. According to Lindsay, you just need to create a new layer and paint white in Photoshop. You can make it realistic by finding ways for the snow to fall into the background and in front of the subjects in the image.” Also, you can vary your brush size to give the impression of depth– smaller brush (smaller flakes) for the background, and larger brush (bigger flakes) for the foreground! “If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out Dave Junion’s work.”


2. Lux Pop Cards

Who says a handwritten card is the only way to add a personal touch to your gift? Send a card and ornament in one! “Bring your photos, a card, an ornament and a great memory together using this simple tool,” says Lindsay. the Luxe Pop Card offers a personalized circle or ornate shape to be popped out upon receipt for an instant ornament or keepsake.


3. Scan photos and create a collage for your family members

Whether its your great grandma’s old 35mm film collection or a basket of old family vacation photos, turn your old negatives and slides into an amazing digital collage that your family can cherish forever. “Everyone should preserve old photographs and family memories – this is a great tool to help you do that,” says Lindsay. The Photojojo Lomography Phone Scanner allows you to scan 35mm film directly to your smartphone using a simple, inexpensive system. All you have to do is slide any smartphone into the scanner’s snug mount, switch on the battery powered backlight, slip in your film and snap a pic of the negative.


4. Christmas cookies— Camera cookies!

If you are like us and have plenty of friends and family who love taking photos, lighten up the mood with some holiday camera cookies! It’s up to you to make them delicious, but these cookie cutters will ensure the perfect camera shape. So grab your favorite recipe and head for the kitchen.


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