6 Reasons Yeah Field Trip is Awesome (and How to Learn Even If You Can’t Go)

The typical conference usually involves a speaker, a not-so-comfy-chair, long discussions, maybe a Q&A session at the end and seldom seeing much outside the walls of whatever hotel is hosting the event. Yeah Field Trip is like that — in none of those ways. As a five-day, four-night excursion for creatives, Field Trip takes the idea of a conference and turns it into a community workcation where creatives can get insight from industry leaders, put those ideas into hands-on experience the same day, try out new gear, find mentorship and support one-on-one. Oh, and all while enjoying the views of El Capitan Canyon in California.

The 2018 Yeah Field Trip is an event for creatives — photographers, videographers, graphic designers, art directors and entrepreneurs — held on February 22-26. So what’s so awesome about Yeah Field Trip? And if you can’t just hop on a plane and abandon everything for a few days, how can you at least get a teeny bit of that awesomeness and learn remotely? Take a look at what’s in store for creatives this year at Field Trip 2018.

Discover conference with a community.

Yeah Field Trip has all of the learning of a conference — but in the same style that had you shouting, “yeah, a field trip!” in grade school. This “conference” isn’t just about sitting and listening to industry leaders (after all, you can do that from the comfort of your very own PJs with CreativeLive’s online classes). Field Trip is about community. Yes, there are classes with creative pros — but then you can also chat with the teachers, find a mentor, ask questions and then head out and try those same techniques the same day.

Learn from industry leaders and up and comers.

Field Trip 2018’s list of teachers includes a long list of industry leaders from Jeremy Cowart to Andy To. But along with the teachers, you’ll meet other creatives like you. Maybe you’ll room with someone who has 27 Instagram followers yet has that crucial tip your own work is missing, or maybe you’ll find a group of friends to continue bolstering each other’s creativity long after Field Trip has ended. The Field Trip experience is often just as much about the unknown creatives that you’ll meet as much as those well-known leaders.

Immerse yourself in the creative process.

Yeah Field Trip isn’t just listening to someone recount how X + Y turned into a successful piece of art or a thriving creative business. Because why sit and listen when you can see it happen or even try it for yourself? The Field Trip summit is an immersive experience where you can see inside the studio workflow of photographers or glimpse the creative process for graphic artists. And rather than watching that process in a YouTube video, you’re seeing it unfolding, asking questions, learning with other creatives, bouncing creative ideas around with others just like you  — and then trying it out for yourself.

Creativity — and camping.

Nothing quite cramps creativity like the uninspiring pattern of hotel wallpaper. Field Trip is both indoors and out at California’s El Capitan Canyon. That means you can sit in on that discussion on night photography — then go out under an expanse of stars and put all those techniques into practice before your head hits the pillow. At Field Trip, you can choose the luxuries of a hotel room or stay immersed in the experience and camp on the California coast. You can camp with your family (and even your dog) or make new friends with a brand new Field Trip roomie.

Learn through play.

That’s word for word from Field Trip’s manifesto — fun is built in. Whether it’s the laid-back nature of the discussions, the friendships built in-between or the epic dance party at the end, the summit is designed to be both educational and entertaining — and Field Trip puts equal priority on both.

Try that gear you’ve always wanted to shoot with.

Field Trip is immersive — and that doesn’t mean you only sit back and watch the pros handle the gear. The 2018 event is one day longer because organizers are adding on time to try out a range of different gear. Want to put those techniques from the lighting class into practice? No problem. Learning film and wanting to test out something that’s on your bucket list? Film cameras (and film) will be on hand too, along with some of the latest digital bodies and those lenses you’ve always wanted to try.

So how do you join in?

Field Trip tickets are available for individuals — and even families — and if you book with CreativeLive, you’ll get a pretty slick discount based on whether you’re based domestically or internationally. The ticket includes all the classes, hands-on sessions and yes, that epic party; accommodations are available at a range of price points for camping or hotel stays.

But what if you can’t go? Maybe you need time to plan, or maybe Feb. 22 is your kid’s birthday (no judgment here). Don’t fret (too much), because CreativeLive will be on site at this years’ Field Trip, capturing behind-the-scenes gold that we’ll be sharing out live during the event across our blog and social channels, and then giving you an ongoing peek under the curtain with YouTube content from their retinue of incredible creatives, photographers and inspiring speakers.

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Hillary K. Grigonis is a web content writer and lifestyle photographer from Michigan. After working as a photojournalist for several years, she made the leap and started her own business and now enjoys sharing tips and tricks with emerging photographers.