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Behind The Shot: Oscar Nilsson + CreativeLive

by Mat Stark
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CreativeLive was lucky enough to attend Yeah Field Trip this past February and draw inspiration from top photographers, creatives and entrepreneurs. Oscar Nilsson is a self taught photographer whose work is dazzling, and who we were lucky enough to sit down with for a few minutes to talk about inspiration, photography and creativity and get the story behind the shot that helped define what photography means to him. Growing up the son of a jeweler, he knew that creativity ran in his blood, and that it was simply a matter of time until he found out what medium called to him.

Behind The Shot: Oscar Nilsson

Its obvious from his images that he draws inspiration from nature, the outdoors, and well, adorable animals, but when we dug in, Oscar was able to highlight one photo in particular that helped quantify what it means to be a creator and to be inspired. To capture the excitement and energy that he sees in the natural world, and capture a memory that will live on. He walked us through a day he spent in Yosemite, near Glacier Point where he was snapping photos, and happened to come upon a group of cliff jumpers preparing to leap from the edge. After witnessing their pre-jump ritual, the launch itself and them sailing away, he looked down to see his hands shaking. His heart was pumping and adrenaline was rushing. He realized that the same rush that these base jumpers get from their sport – is the rush he gets from photography, day in and day out.

To hear the full story behind the shot and other inspiring background from Oscar, check out the full video here:

And enjoy these spectacular shots taken by Oscar during his travels, both near and far. Feeling inspired? Check out some of Oscar’s favorite classes on CreativeLive.

Behind The Shot: Oscar Nilsson

Behind The Shot: Oscar Nilsson

Behind The Shot: Oscar Nilsson

Behind The Shot: Oscar Nilsson



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