Lightroom Comes to Apple TV: Here Are 4 Classes to Help You Master the Platform

Adobe announced Lightroom for Apple TV yesterday, which comes with the ability to sync your images from Lighroom, right to your Apple TV device. Why is this important? For starters, your friends and family will no longer have to squeeze together around your computer screen to see your latest epic travel photos, which is great, but this really comes in handy for those photographers that are showing off their work to clients.

Size may actually matter when we’re talking about desktop real estate, and seeing those stunning backlit wedding portraits on a 55-inch screen verses a 15-inch laptop or 27-inch iMac makes all the difference when it comes to the wow factor.


Are you getting the most out of what Lightroom has to offer? If you’re a beginner, advanced user, or somewhere in between, we have courses covering the entire spectrum to help you maximize efficiencies, streamline your workflow, and even start from scratch if you’re a total novice.

We’ve selected a few favorites below for every expert level. Happy learning!

Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editing: The Complete Guide
Ben Willmore fronts this 4-week bootcamp-style class that will turn you from Lightroom zero to a total hero. You’ll get a deep dive through the ins and outs and everything in between — from processing to organization — along with a ton of bonus materials, workbooks, and guides.

Mobile Workflow With Adobe Creative Cloud
One of the benefits of using Lightroom on Apple TV is the syncing function. Save an edit on your computer, see it update on your big screen. But you don’t have to be tied to a desktop to work on your images. Learn how to process and edit your photos on the go with this course taught by Jared Platt, which is perfect for those busy photographers jumping from client to client or job to job in a single day.

Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers
Your big and bold landscapes were meant to be viewed on a big screen. Get them out of your 15-inch laptop and onto your TV! Landscape expert, Matt Kloskowski, walks you through specific editing scenarios that all landscape photographers should know — like processing waterfalls, mountains, and skies, making clouds pop, and debunking all the editing myths you shouldn’t be stressing about.

Lightroom For Beginners
Jared Platt teaches the basics of Lightroom in this class meant for total beginners. Learn how to import, export, set your preferences, and even work with video.

Want to see more classes on Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop? Check out our catalog here!

Kristy Ellington

Head of content marketing and social media at Creativelive.