8 Pieces of Advice That Will Motivate You to Get Sh*t Done

Want to jump-start your week on a motivational high?

In an effort to make Mondays slightly more bearable, we rounded up our favorite pieces of career advice from the pros in every field. We found experts in art, design, fashion, and business, to impart their wisdom on how to make our dreams come true.

Whether you’re embarking on a new career, launching an online business, or working on starting a side business, everyone needs the occasional kick in the pants when it comes to getting motivated.


Get inspired by these words of wisdom, and dive into your work week!

Live Your Dream

“The best ideas are often the simplest. When we devised Tinder in September 2012 there was still a stigma surrounding online dating. But we spend half our time on our smart phones – why not date on them too? Creating a dream takes blood, sweat and tears. I worked all day, every day. I thought about Tinder in the shower and dreamed about it at night. It wasn’t just my job – it was my life.”

Whitney Wolfe, co-founder of Tinder

Let Networking Come Naturally

“The moment I moved to New York City to study fashion, I met and became friends with people not only involved in fashion but in all the arts…. It’s almost impossible not to meet people and eventually you meet the ones you naturally click with. I’ve met so many who have opened doors for me and remained in my life both personally and professionally. After a while, networking doesn’t feel like ‘networking.’ It’s both serendipitous and unpredictable, and something that just naturally becomes part of your work life and your personal life.”

Narciso Rodriguez, fashion designer

There’s No Such Thing As Impossible

“I learned to push the envelope when it comes to asking questions or making requests. And if you hear ‘that’s not possible,’ then to ask ‘what is possible,’ instead of just saying thank you and leaving. But also to think creatively about problem solving.”

Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier and Into The Gloss

Money Isn’t Everything

“If it matters how much you get paid, you are not in a job you really love. If you love what you do so much that you are willing to continue to live like a student in order to be able to stay in the job, you have found your calling.”

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Take Your Passion and Make It Happen

“The greatest tip would be to find some passion as far as finance is concerned.”

50 Cent, rapper, singer and entrepreneur

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

“Things always fluctuate, and you’ve got to keep your eye on what you want to do and why. Then be patient and don’t sell yourself short. You can only control your work and remaining passionate about it. That’s the trick—and now everything is going really well.”

Joel Kinnaman, actor The Killing

There’s No Such Thing As Too Confident

“The Donald Trumps and Kanye Wests and Lil Waynes can have a bad day, they can be cocky and disrespectful and arrogant, and at the end of the day we laugh at it. With a woman, it’s always like, ‘Excuse me, how dare you?’ But I’ve always been a ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ kind of person. I know I’m as great as the great men in hip-hop, in terms of being an MC. And I think, secretly, they all know! Your overall confidence has to come from within.”

Nicki Minaj, rapper

Don’t Stress

“When I was 25, I was so anxious about my career. I wondered what I’d be doing when I was 30, or when I was 40…and none of my plans actually came through. I thought I’d be in academia. I never imagined I’d be in this space. My advice would be just not to worry about the details — to focus on passion and what you’re good at. Be flexible, don’t be afraid to make changes, and do good work. I’m so happy where I landed.”

Jeanie Han, CEO of LINE Euro-Americas

If you’re ready to start making the changes you crave in your life, then waste no more time. Set meaningful goals for yourself, write out your strategic plan on how you’re going to get there, and start doing it. That’s the only way you’re going to make your dreams come true.

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