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3 Calligraphy Tips You Need To Know

Calligraphy adds creative flair to handwritten projects and, even more than being beautiful – which it definitely is, calligraphy is an analog skill that offers much needed respite in our digital world. When Bianca Mascorro taught her calligraphy classes at CreativeLive, she shared some essential…

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Craft Studio Tour: Iona Handcrafted Books

Bookbinder Mychal Mitchell fell into her career accidentally.  Or maybe it’s more apt to say that a thief pushed her into it. While on a trip to Rome her backpack was stolen, along with her journal.  She was understandably upset, but then an Italian friend took her to a…

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Craft Studio Tour: French General

French General was a must-see on our trip Los Angeles. We were in L.A. to shoot classes with some of SoCal’s most inspiring instructors, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from poking our heads in on some very creative spaces. We filmed those visits and are excited…