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Craft Studio Tour: Christine Haynes

by Elizabeth Madariaga
craft & maker

Inspiring Craft Rooms! Christine Haynes shows off her pattern organization

Recently I took a small crew down to Los Angeles to shoot classes for the CreativeLive Craft channel with five amazing instructors. During that time we got to see what life was like in their studios, and we’re excited to bring those to you to help inspire you as you build your own creative spaces! You’ll be seeing those tours (and more) roll out here on our blog.

Inspiring Craft Rooms! Christine Haynes shows off her pattern organization

Christine Haynes is an author, a teacher, a pattern designer, and an all-around awesome lady. We were in her home studio for two days shooting her class, and during that time she made us home-baked bread, offered us coffee and drinks, and made us feel as though we were part of her family. That feeling of family was reinforced when I saw the Bernina Record 930 machine she uses – the very sewing machine that my mom had and used to teach me to sew!

Inspiring Craft Rooms! Christine Haynes shows off her sewing studio

Christine has set her home up in a way that seamlessly incorporates her work and home lives. Like her patterns (and herself), her sewing room is chic and modern yet simultaneously calls back to vintage eras, creating a unique and gorgeous workspace that inspires anyone who enters it.

Take a look around Christine’s sewing room in the video below:

Be sure to check out Christine’s CreativeLive class! 

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