Craft Studio Tour: Shaerie Mead of Sew L.A.

Take a tour of the memorable creative space, Sew L.A. with CreativeLive!

Recently I took a small crew down to Los Angeles to shoot classes with five amazing instructors. During that time we got to see what life was like in their studios, and we’re excited to bring those Studio Tours to you to help inspire you as you build your own creative spaces! You’ll be seeing those tours (and more) roll out here on our blog. Check out our visit to Christine Hayne’s studio tour here.

Tour this sewing studio on CreativeLive!

Shaerie Mead started Sew L.A. eight years ago, providing classes on clothing construction, fit and alterations in addition to teaching you to embroider, block print, quilt, and make patterns.

Recently Shaerie made the tough decision to close the shop, for a variety of personal and financial reasons. (You should absolutely read her honest and touching blog post about it.) The store will close on October 31, 2015, but the Sew L.A. brand will live on with the website and blog. In the meantime, if you can, sign up for one of their classes before they close! It’s a great way to, as Shaerie puts it, contribute to the creativity of the community, take a break from your hectic lives, and just make things.

Be sure to check out Shaerie’s CreativeLive Classes!

The Easiest Skirt
The Vintage Pocket Skirt
Box Zip Bags

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