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Download the Free CreativeLive Coloring Book!
Designed by Bonnie Christine

Is there anything better than a new box of crayons? Especially the big, 64-color pack that your mom only got you on special occasions?

The smell of the wax, the precision of the perfectly molded tip, the way you searched for your favorite color, debating whether to save it or use it immediately – even today the act of opening a box of crayons transports us to our childhood.

Luckily, coloring is no longer exclusively for children! The trend of adult coloring books has grown in the past year, fed by continued reporting on the meditative benefits coloring (and crafting in general) has on the brain. Though some disagree, it’s generally acknowledged as a good outlet for creativity and can be used to help you relax, focus, and play. It’s a mindful activity, and can lower your stress level. The act of making something with your hands (even though you are coloring in something someone else drew – #collab), is satisfying and leaves one with a sense of accomplishment.

Chris Piascik
Illustrated by Chris Piascik

Over the past year we’ve added a lot of new classes to help you boost your creativity, including Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop, taught by illustrator Chris Piascik and Designing Surface Patterns from Scratch with Bonnie Christine.

As a thank-you for being a part of our CreativeLive family, we wanted to give back and share a coloring book you can use to help wind down. It’s filled with designs by CreativeLive staffers, teachers, and students. Anyone who wanted to participate was welcome, and everyone who submitted to us was included. There is no “wrong” way to draw something, and creativity is all about experimentation.

We love the diversity in these pages, which reflect the broad swath of interests and talent in our community. And we can’t wait to see what you create – be sure to take a picture of your work and tag @creativelive on Instagram!

Now pick up your favorite crayon and make some magic!
Download the free CreativeLive printable coloring book!

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