Silicon Valley Cinematographer: Keep Your Gear Simple

You don’t need a ton of gear to shoot a movie that looks “big” — in fact, keeping it simple has its own unique set of benefits, which Jim Denault covered in detail in his CreativeLive class, The Cinematographer Prepares. Jim is the cinematographer for the…

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6 Steps to Becoming a Video Marketing Pro

James Wedmore didn’t set out to become a video marketing professional. In fact, when he got his start in YouTube marketing, he was moonlighting as a bartender with some pretty slick Tom-Cruise-in-Cocktail skills and thought he could make an extra buck or two teaching other ambitious…

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DIY Paper Flowers: Floral Frame

Photo backdrops create a perfect place for partygoers to stop, snap a picture, and create a memento of the occasion. Floral backdrops are very particularly on-trend and using paper flowers is the perfect way to add a little handmade charm to your event. You can…