Canon 7D Mark II: Your Questions Answered

Canon 7D Mark II
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There was a flurry of excitement when Canon released the Canon 7D Mark II. The price point prompted many photographers to consider making the switch, but no matter how “affordable” this particular model is, a camera is always a big investment – of both time and money. No one should be purchasing these types of cameras without first having a solid grasp over the basics.

So before John recorded Fast Start Canon 7D Mark II, we asked CreativeLive followers for their most pressing questions so John could answer them during the class.

The result is a comprehensive Q&A on the camera’s functions and features along with some helpful shooting tips. Here are a few of the questions he answers:

–Should I upgrade from a 7D? What’s the difference?
–Does the 7D have built in wifi?
–Can you separate video from JPEG in storage?
–When should I use the asterisk button on the back of the camera? How does it work?
–What’s the best focusing or tracking mode on this camera?

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, or if you simply want to know how it works on long exposure images, check out complete video below.

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