CL Music & Audio Podcast 01: Jesse Cannon

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Welcome to the very first episode of the CreativeLive Music & Audio podcast, where we’ll spend an hour or so every week talking about making music with some of our favorite producers, bands, CL teachers, and whoever else happens to be around our studios.

Our very first guest is my friend and two-time CL teacher Jesse Cannon. Jesse is a producer who’s worked with bands like Man Overboard, The Cure, Transit, and Misfits, the author of the book “Get More Fans,” good friend of mine, and generally great great to talk with. He’s worked with some of the very best guys in the game (Ross Robinson, Steve Evetts, and Alan Douches @ Westwestside Music), and it shows in the depth the breadth of his knowledge. We chatted about everything from the upcoming second edition of his book to our shared past as 90s hardcore refugees to mastering snobs and Pod Farm presets — check it out!

Jesse discussing dynamics in his “DIY Mastering” class

Check out Jesse’s CL classes “DIY Mastering” and “Fundamentals of Mixing Rock & EDM,” follow him on Twitter & Instagram, and check out his book “Get More Fans.”


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