Behind the Storytelling with Photographer Ed Kashi

Behind the Storytelling with Photographer Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi is a photojournalist and member of the iconic VII Photo Agency, who has dedicated his life to documenting the social and political issues that define our time. Ed’s images have won countless awards, and have been published & exhibited worldwide.

From The New York Times, to MSNBC, Time Magazine, National Geographic and more, Ed’s work has received many accolades for how he so effectively tells complex stories through imagery. Our interview with Kashi is centered around his unique style of complex visual storytelling, where he finds his inspiration as a photographer, and how he continues to replicate his best works, over and over again.

Behind the Storytelling with Photographer Ed Kashi

Here’s our interview with Ed.

Q. I really love your stylistic approach to photojournalism, can you tell me how you developed your unique style?

Ed: “My approach is multifaceted, based on the type of story and subject matter I am dealing with, but what I see as the consistent hallmark of my work is what I call candid intimacy.”

“I look for layered images that tell a complex story in an artful and honest manner, where the viewer feels the intimacy of the moment, but not the presence of me within the image.”

Q. When did you feel like you finally made it as a photographer?

Ed: “When I began to make pictures that not only I thought had soul and power, but that others felt the same way. On a practical level, it was when I secured my first project with National Geographic, but in reality you should never feel like you made it, because then you’re dead.”

Behind the Storytelling with Photographer Ed Kashi

Q. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Ed: “Know what you’re great at and stick to it, don’t try to do everything otherwise nothing will be great.”

Q. Any parting words for the CreativeLive audience?

Ed: “My love for photography and storytelling has never been stronger, even after nearly 40 years of doing it.”

Therein lies the true secret to becoming great at what you do – make sure it’s something you’ll still truly love in the future, even after 40 years of repetition.

Learn more about Ed’s class, Storytelling with Mobile Photography here.


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