Creative Photo Challenge No. 6 – Play With Shadow

By looking at shadows the same way you look at light, you can create textured backgrounds or unique patterns in your photos. Among her techniques, Lindsey will employ tactics as simple as using a piece of lace and a single hard light, to cast a patterned shadow on her subject’s face, for example. So now, its time for you to get creative in how you use your light and shadows to create textures and patterns in your images.  

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Inspiration comes from anywhere and its no different when it comes to shadows. Ultimately as photographers we use what is at our disposal on site. Whether its light slashing through the blinds, a unique geometric pattern cast from a fence or long cast shadows from things like buildings and trees — we are our best as photographers when we are able to recognize the myriad inspirations around us and use them to our advantage. In the studio, Lindsay Adler will use Gobos and artfully constructed patterns that she cuts out to get the desired effects that she is looking for (read more about it here and watch her full inspirational video below).

But when she’s out in the field, she relies on the natural objects, light and their interplay to find inspiration and get the perfect shot. Below, you can see a few results from inspiration Lindsey found in the studio with a piece of lace and a single hard light.

Play With Shadow

So – its time for you to show us what you got. Whether you use natural objects, props or studio effects, for this challenge, its time to embrace the shadows to show us how you can use patterns, darkness and intricate details to bring new layers of depth to your work. Read the full details here.

Play With Shadow

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Kym Cortigiano