Creative Photo Challenge No. 7 – Collage Portrait

We all need fresh ways of exploring the same creative outlet. New angles, inspiration or even a completely new way to compose and construct a final image. Its this newness that keeps us inspired, on our toes, and ultimately (and hopefully) doing our best work. For this next round of the Creative Photo Challenge – we are pushing the envelope and asking you to do the same. By combining multiple images, angles and maybe even camera settings from multiple images you can create a collage that captures the intimacy of a normal portrait but does so in a uniquely distinct way. Using your photography in new artistic ways can also inspire you creatively and force you to take a look at a new approach to composition and framing.

Get Challenge No. 7  – Collage Portraits, right here.

Lindsay will walk you step by step through creating a whole new piece of art from your photographs. It will also give you the opportunity to use pieces of certain images that you liked to compose one single end result that leverages shots that didn’t necessarily make the cut the first time around, but which, when combined, add up to something greater than the sum of their unique parts.

When Lindsay took on the task, she decided to ‘get physical’, take multiple shots, print them out, tear them up and then arrange her configuration in a way that resonated. She placed her subject in front of a white wall for background, and then took a series of emotive portraits with varying facial expressions, ensuring that when she collaged, later on, it would enable her to have varied results. Once she had the pieces, she tore them up and arranged them until she was pleased with the layout. Then – a simple glue stick and foam core to finalize the composition – and there you have it.

Want to hear it straight from Lindsay herself? Check it out here. 

And now it’s your turn – get creative and collage your own portrait. Full details here.

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Kym Cortigiano