Spark Your Creativity with Lindsay Adler’s 10-Week Portrait Challenge

Join CreativeLive and Lindsay Adler for a 10-week long series of free photography challenges designed to bust you out of your comfort zone. You’ll try new techniques, pick up new skills, and expand your photographic creativity. Sign up for free, and get these challenges delivered right to your inbox once a week!

How the Creative Portrait Challenge works:



  • Upload your photos and tag it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter using #creativephotochallenge.
  • Have questions or want to check in with fellow photographers? Join the Creative Photo Challenge Facebook group.

3. Winners

  • For the month of April and May we’ll be reviewing submissions via #creativephotochallenge and choosing the best representation of that week’s challenge.
  • Winning photos will be featured on CreativeLive social feeds and will win one free Lindsay Adler class.
  • At the end of the 10-week challenge one grand prize winner will be chosen based on participation, creativity, and execution and win a free year of CreativeLive’s Creator Pass and access to our entire 1,500 course catalog.

Step outside of your routine, see the possibilities and discover what you love to capture!

Kym Cortigiano